Photo series
7 photo, copies: 5+1AP
Printed on Hahnemuhle photo paper
Project was produced with support of Atelier Cauchemar

"The series JETI QARAQSHY named after the constellation Ursa Major, demonstrates seven qalta - the so-called pockets, or bags hand-sewn by Aïda Adilbek’s grandmother, in which she brought gifts, money, jewellery to her granddaughter, as well as jasau, a dowry items, including handmade körpe (patchwork quilts) and a table dishes. Black monochrome background, solemn in their minimalism, these seven
qaltas seem to shine with gold threads,the soft sheen of coloured velvet and the whiteness of cotton, drawing a non-random analogy with the seven stars of Ursa Major"

From Dilda Ramazan's text on the solo show "Talqan, tary topyraq"
Video monologue
Duration: 2'25"

KÖBELEK is a video monologue on the transition of female social roles inside family, when youth becomes the elder.
"A short video monologue KÖBELEK talks about the cyclical nature of human presence on earth, where life and death naturally replace each other, like the seasons.
... Conditionally divided into two parts, the narration is whispered by Adilbek, like a quiet confession, as if the wings of a butterfly were tickling the skin of the face. This insect itself, introduced by the author in the title of the work, has long symbolised rebirth and transformation"

Excerpt from Dilda Ramazan's text for the solo show "Talqan, tary topyraq"
Short documentary film
Duration: 28'00"
Realised in the framework of DAVRA collective's public programme at documenta fifteen

ALAQAN follows artist’s mother and grandmother in their daily house chores. The film explores female domestic labour as a form of sacred, healing ritual that is performed on the daily basis by women of the house.

"The very title of the film, which at the same time designates both the ancient pattern of the Kazakh ornament and the palm of the hand, tells us how it is necessary to think not only about this moving image of the author, but also about the entire project of her solo exhibition - through the prism of touch and tactility"

Excerpt from Dilda Ramazan's text for the solo show "Talqan, tary topyraq"
Photo collage and poetry
Printed in DAVRA collective's publication "Chilltan"

Photo collage and poetry
Printed in DAVRA collective's publication "Chilltan"
Models: Ru, Insar

Video performance
Duration: 2’11”
Performers: Tamina, Zhanel, Yerkezhan Drone Operation: Abylai Bastayev

SEND ME YOUR WORDS is inspired by my personal experience of living in Soviet apartment housing in Kazakhstan, where my mom would bang on the radiator sending a passive aggressive message to our noisy neighbours upstairs. It explores the idea of distance communications and irrelevance of the sender/recipient duality. A sent message – one radiator bang, howls throughout the building, thus transmitting an idea to every room in every apartment.

Beside the video performance SEND ME YOUR WORDS consists of animated sticker pack - Radiator - that can be used in the Telegram messenger app. This is a documention of a non-verbal languague that is communicating through radiators.
Video installation
Mixed media

A TABLE is a series of exploration into domectic notion of sharing and communicating around a table. It continues into its second installment as a peformative action A TABLE II which was presented in the Changing room.

The installation table was made according to one that was built by my granfather at my grandparents’ house, with built-in four slots for iPhones. The viewers are invited to sit around the table not to eat, but to watch videos of people eating on the gadget screens from the top view. In the videos we only observe how they interact with food, plates, forks, spoons and cups.
in collaboration with Lucien Wampfler

What do you feel and how would you express what you feel when you hear somebody’s voice for the first time?
For the second time?
When they’re sharing their thoughts or singing you their favorite songs?
How does your body react to these vibrations?
Aïda and Lucien sent each other audio messages of different length. The person receiving the message recorded one part of their body while listening to the message for the very first time. The videos show their bodies' response to the other person’s voice.

Videos were simultaneously projected in Zurich and Almaty during QWAS: Migrating Dialogue.
Duration: 1’37”

The video captures a new mosque build on the location of a demolished casino neighbouring with bookmaker chain “Olymp” in downtown Almaty, Kazakhstan.