in collaboration with Roman Zakharov
Installation, mixed media
180 x 180 x 80 cm

ARTIFACT J is a second collaborative installation by Aïda Adilbek and Roman Zakharov and marks a new stage of their collaborative artistic practice, as well as of collective labour since the installation was handmade by members of the MATA collective.

35x35x30 (cm)

VIOLATOR II is an extension of the Violator performance project, where Adilbek wonders what the word 'violator' means in the current times of political instability in Kazakhstan and the whole world.
The inconsistency of today's world justice system leads me to the conclusion that we are all violators and we are all winners.

Sculptural objects
Expanding foam, led lights

FLOW was a basis of my research preparation for the Degree project which developped into Send me your words.
In FLOW I made a mould of an iron cast radiator and casted it out of expanding foam. Setting a dramatic light on suspended sculptures I enhance the visibility of commonly stealthy infrastructural communication systems that are vital in the apartamental housings.
Object, mixed media
in collaboration with Roman Zakharov
40x40x40 (cm)
Artifact N (Junior)*
Unknown Authorship
Dated early XXI c.
Discovered year: 67NN

Discovered in collaboration with Roman Zakharov

*For details about Artifact refer to Report N
Report N

Excavations are being carried out on the NNth day in the settlement N on the territory of the mainland. Discovered "Artifact N (Junior)", hereinafter referred to as "object", dates back to approximately the beginning of the XXI century. The aforementioned era requires more careful study, so the subsequent conclusions are tentative in nature.
This object contains the fossils of the ancient culture of the inhabitants of planet N. They are the peculiarity of the found object. According to preliminary data, the fossil objects had a sacred value and belonged to groups of religious cults. Our cryptographers decipher the most common characters: Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, Sony Ericsson.It has not yet been possible to determine the origin and meaning of the mentioned signs.Preliminary conclusion: the discovered object testifies to the rudiments of civilization in the studied period of time on planet N.