«Сәлем, Люсьен!» “Bisous, Lülü!”
in collaboration with Lucien Wampfler
Video on screen

What do you feel and how would you express what you feel when you hear somebody’s voice for the first time?
For the second time?
When they’re sharing their thoughts or singing you their favorite songs?
How does your body react to these vibrations?

Aïda and Lucien sent each other audio messages of different length. The person receiving the message recorded one part of their body while listening to the message for the very first time. The videos show their bodies' response to the other person’s voice.
Videos were simultaneously projected in Zurich and Almaty during QWAS: Migrating Dialogue.
in Zurich: screen placed on the gallery roof
in Almaty: screen placed on the floor

Therefore the dialogue of two bodies continues through space and time.

Aïda Adilbek©️2021