Untitled A
Duration: 2 hours

I started a series of unscripted performances that will be titled “Untitled A to Z”. The project is a continuous search of meanings in actions, surroundings and oneself. 
Photo by Wojciech Pacewicz
In Untitiled A I start to unwrap a silky purple textile covering the floor of the space inch by inch, repeating my motions in round trajectory. I sew the edges of the fabric by hand and try to navigate all of my movements only around the light. I don’t see further than a half a metre, ever guessing if I am any closer to the end.
When I don’t have any textile left I decide to suspend the lamp with a long piece of cloth to bring more light into the space, but it keeps slipping away. After several failed attempts I decide to cover the lamp, leaving myself and viewers in the darkness, therefore never seeing an end of my labour.

Aïda Adilbek©️2021